Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Christmas (said in my very best Noddy Holder voice)

I hope you all got what you wanted from Santa today? I know I did:

A gorgeous new Mulberry bag for all my stuff
An iPad camera connector set (for the photographer on the move!)
An iPad docking station and keyboard (for the Blogger on the move!)
2 giant tomes on Picasso (saw these on holiday last summer and SOMEONE got them for me!!!)
Angie Lewin's new book - Plants and Places (go buy it)
A Ralph Lauren red check shirt
Some Polo socks
A Paul Smith scarf (great colours)
A gorgeous teddy bear in a red stripy jumper!
Bill Grainers new cook book
Friends box set - complete series!! Can't wait to start that one!
Miranda series 1 - hurrah!
Soundtrack to Nightmare Before Christmas
A Paul Smith tie - silk and linen, beautiful!!!
A book of photos about St Tropez by Xavier Roy
Tom Fords Grey Vetiver smellies!!
A box of postcards - all of Penguin book covers, want them framed and all over the house!!!
A Ralph Lauren scented candle - beautiful smell! Bergamot!
A hat from Timberland - no hair so need this!!!

And thats it folks, so far! So, enjoy your day, be nice to people and have a drink or two!


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