Monday, June 24, 2013


Recently started to experiment with simple embroidery techniques. Influenced by my love of line drawing, the ideas are reflected in a simple black stitch on either cotton or linen fabric.

I've tried to keep to neutral coloured background fabrics to keep the main emphasis on the line and design, but want the fabric to compliment the image and wooden hoop that frames the whole thing.

Images include some items from my childhood, transistor radios, typewriters....

Alongside some more current icons:

I'm also experimenting with a little text:

And images taken from my own line drawing:

This gives you an idea of how the process works:

Draw your image out first...

Then, draw it in a soft pencil onto your fabric:

Then, simple stitch along your drawing:

It's that easy! Alternatively, you could pop over to and search for my shop....jonesyinc...and treat yourself to one ready made! I'm also keep to offer a commission service. Let me know if there's something special you'd like....


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